MDS KhanLex, a Mongolian law firm, has launched iGeree, an online contract automation and artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot platform.

iGeree will initially focus on employment law. with plans of extending to company law coverage in 2020. The platform was built by a team of 26 people from four companies, including lawyers, data engineers, coders and designers.

The offering which is the first of its kind in Mangolia, consists of two services. The first is a contract automation platform, enabling construction and drafting of legal documents without requiring user legal skill or knowledge while the second is an AI/natural-language trained chatbot which provides instant legal advice within its trained scope.

MDS said that the contract automation platform will further be extended to cover company law matters in the first quarter of 2020, including incorporation related document drafting, shareholder’s agreements and corporate resolutions. The firm also added that the chatbot component will take longer - possibly up to two years.

In addition to this, MDS is setting up new legaltech research institute, in conjunction with CodeLex Legaltech and in collaboration with different companies in the fields of data engineering and AI.


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